Last Minute Print Advertising Opportunities

Have you heard about our Last Minute Opportunity Print Media Buying Program? (LMO)


  • Do you want to be able to advertise in national magazines for 75-95% off of rate card?
  • Do you want to gain more national exposure, while staying within your budget? 
  • Are there magazines that you have wanted to be in, but couldn’t because of the cost?
  • Has your marketing budget been decreased due to the state of the economy?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, the LMO program could be right for you:

 How it Works...Or What is an Last Minute Opportunity? 

Because of the volume of print media that we place each year, publications send us last minute opportunities that range from 75‐95% off of rate card

- These opportunities arise because publications need to fill advertising spots at the last minute either due to an advertiser dropping out, or to meet layout requirements for that week or month’s issue.

- These opportunities are time-sensitive because they are made available right before the publication is scheduled to go to print. Because the publication is on a deadline, they will drop the ad prices down in an effort to fill the spot as soon as possible.  The publications alert GMM of these opportunities and we share them with you based on your product or service’s marketing needs.  

To Start:  - We need to find out about your needs.  We will take you through a brief Needs Analysis before we begin to send you opportunities. The Needs Analysis helps us to determine your budget, your goals, and the best publications to reach your target consumer. 

 Things we will need to know about you:

  • Who is your target demographic?
  • Do you have seasonality to your product?
  • Where is your product available in retail?
  • Can your product or service be purchased on the internet? 
  • Do you have a wish list of publications?


With the above information in mind, we will then send you Last Minute Opportunities from publications which meet your needs.  You can choose to receive these daily, weekly or monthly. Imagine having all the insider deals from all your choice national publications. 

 Call Us Today at 480-374-1331 to be part of Our Exclusive LMO Club!


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